Assurity Life

The Assurity Life Insurance Company has been around for over a century which speaks a lot of the service that the company provides to its thousands if not millions of satisfied clients over the years.  With that said, let us take a look at the products that Assurity Life has in store for its clients and prospects.

Term Life Insurance

This type of life insurance is ideal for persons in need of coverage for important life events such as marriage, child birth or adoption, purchase of a new house. The Term Life Insurance is also priced affordably.  Also, in case the policy holder dies within the specified term (which can go as long as 30 years), a cash benefit is provided by Assurity Life.

Disability Income Insurance

Assurity Life Insurance also provides aid to those who suffer injuries or diseases that disables them from working.  Through the disability income insurance, the policy holder gets assistance despite the financial difficulty he is going through brought about by his injuries or illness.

Critical Illness Insurance

With this type of Insurance, a policy holder is protected financially as the chances of being in a catastrophic accident or severe illness are probable.  To help a client get through such a tough road, Assurity Life pays a lump sum benefit upon the confirmation of a medical procedure or a diagnosis of an illness that is covered by the insurance policy.

Whole Life Insurance

Another kind of life insurance, the Whole Life Insurance of Assurity Life provides protection for individuals, families and even business entities.  There are coverage options available for the clients to take in order to meet the needs of each and every individual.

Universal Life Insurance

The third kind of life insurance provided by Assurity Life, the Universal Life Insurance is made to provide lifetime insurance coverage to its policy holders.  This kind of insurance is very dynamic as it can be adjusted to suit the needs of the policy holder as time goes by.  If there are any changes to any aspect of your life, you can make these changes fit in as you make the necessary adjustments to your insurance policy.  Because of this, The Universal Life Insurance is availed by many as it allows the policy holders to adjust payments and coverage amounts depending on the current needs and circumstances of the insurance policy holders.

Annuities and Reversionary Annuities

Designed to help people get money for retirement or turn a sum of money into a means of income, the Annuities Insurance can aid the policy holders in making sure that they have a financially stable future.

With the many kinds of insurance products available, the Assurity Life Insurance Company can surely provide the needs of every client with the wide variety of insurance policies clients can choose from.  If you want to be secured when tough times come, talk to any of the Assurity Life’s agents and representatives to discuss your needs and come up with the right insurance policy for you.